But Fundamentally you shall Fall For Them<.title></p> <h2>Decreased and jealousy friends of Contrary Sex After Wedding</h2> <p>Being buddies utilizing the opposite gender while being in a committed, connection with some one could possibly be damaging to both relationships. The boyfriend or gf is infuriated once they find that their partner is reaching their friend, particularly when the included partner will not point out them during the interactions or these interactions be a little more frequent and prolonged.<span id="more-26642"></span> This may either cause a direct conflict with the partner, a conflict because of the sensed “friend and competitor”, or a breakup. Nature it self is made to revolve all over part of envy because the friend for the reverse intercourse is observed being a competitor and also the present reigning partner is threatened that she or he could be changed by somebody else. There’s a reason why women and men opt to either cheat, breakup or keep their present relationships. If gents and ladies may be just friends, then why do individuals cheat making use of their “friends” while in a relationship? Exactly why are married people more cautious and hesitant in creating buddies with all the opposite gender? Why are divorces typical? The clear answer partially when it comes to very first question is self-control, even though the response to the next and second applies more obviously to both self-control and also the lack of excitement in established “lifelong” marriages. </p> <h2>Intimacy and Chemistry</h2> <p>To be buddies with anyone, there must be some intimacy developed and chemistry present. So that you can develop intimacy, you have to spend time with her and take part in conversations along with her. You ask questions, she asks concerns. This attracts the two of you nearer to one another and produces intimacy. There was a feeling of familiarity built when you get acquainted with your partner well. You’ll be more content with each other, and so, the two of you don’t apart want to be from one another. </p> <h2>The Personal Animal by Elliot Aronson</h2> <p>We once took a social therapy program during my undergrad, and also the guide chosen by the trainer ended up being The Social Animal by Elliot Aronson. The guide examines the motives and patterns of human behavior, addressing subjects such as for instance conformity and attraction that is interpersonal. It was among the best books I’ve ever read within my life because not just had been it interesting but additionally because we discovered a whole lot from this and surely could use the notions talked about in actual life. I happened to be additionally in a position to realize social relationships more extensively. </p> <p>Aronson once asked their buddies why they liked a number of their acquaintances significantly more than other people. Aronson states that the absolute most responses that are common received in which individuals liked most included: individuals whose philosophy and passions had been much like their particular, people who have actually abilities or abilities, and people with pleasant or appealing qualities (such as for example commitment and kindness), and folks whom liked them in exchange. </p> <p>A lot of what I’ve said up to now, therefore, derives from my training. I realize I do so while applying logic and the truth itself that I said don’t just rely on academic research to answer questions, but. I’m drawing conclusions that are extremely reasonable which prove exactly exactly what real facts occur and exactly why <a href="https://www.camsloveaholics.com/camcontacts-review">www.camsloveaholics.com/camcontacts-review</a> they occur. </p> <p>Therefore, we become buddies with people when it comes to explanation we “like” them simply because they resemble our similar philosophy and passions. Why associate and start to become friends or lovers if they lack these elements? Our company is less inclined to be buddies whenever we lack comparable thinking and passions since conflict is more prone to take place from disagreements plus the possible enhance of arguments. Our chemistry lies with your similarity with the other person, and now we like people who split up by themselves from other people via some ability or skill. We like individuals who are more friendly to us, whom accept us, compared to those who aren’t doing this. What makes agreements so popular with us? You can find at the least two reasons that are primary. Firstly, it really is obvious towards the almost all us that folks who resemble our viewpoints and views on issues are remarkably bright, reflective individuals. It really is invariably satisfying and fascinating to hold away with one of these smart and contemplative individuals. Another explanation is these people offer us with social validation for the values. It is significant because they provide us with an atmosphere that individuals are proper. Hence, this is simply not just satisfying but that people could also develop more powerful emotions in the long run for them even though we didn’t have initially. We like individuals who accept us. If two individuals both share a pastime in exercising in the gymnasium, we shall assume that their significant attitudes needs to be similar to ours. Therefore, we like individuals whoever attitudes act like our personal. And whenever we like someone, we ascribe attitudes for them which can be comparable to ours. Exactly what can be produced by Aronson is that individuals are more inclined to fall in deep love with people who we enjoy hanging out with also just like buddies. And people who will be junited statest like us when it comes to our values, values, passions, personalities, agree towards us will help facilitate this process with us and express a liking. Consequently, similarity the most factors that are important Aronson demonstrably states that many of us fall deeply in love with folks who are junited statest like us in lots of proportions just stated above. To determine a relationship involving the opposite gender calls for such aspects of similarity. This root finding guides the basic principles of online dating sites like match.com and eHarmony. You want to be with the ones that make you feel delighted plus in return, the favor is returned by us. </p> <p>There may be a boundary or agreement that both people state to maybe not pass the relative line or work when you look at the temperature of passion. But that boundary is usually maybe not enough enough. If there is a well-defined and properly implemented boundary between both events and that both events swore to consent to it, this could hinder relationship because it would greatly distort the growth of closeness. You need to get near to one another to build up this closeness. You’ve got no dilemmas achieving this together with your man friends. You don’t have actually to setup boundaries you aren’t attracted to them with them since. </p> </div> <!-- .entry-content --> <div class="et_post_meta_wrapper"> <!-- You can start editing here. --> <section id="comment-wrap"> <div id="comment-section" class="nocomments"> <!-- If comments are open, but there are no comments. --> </div> <div id="respond" class="comment-respond"> <h3 id="reply-title" class="comment-reply-title"><span>Submit a Comment</span> <small><a rel="nofollow" id="cancel-comment-reply-link" href="/but-fundamentally-you-shall-fall-for-themdecreased/#respond" style="display:none;">Cancel reply</a></small></h3><form action="https://www.infinity-co.com.au/wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform" class="comment-form"><p class="comment-notes"><span id="email-notes">Your email address will not be published.</span> Required fields are marked <span class="required">*</span></p><p class="comment-form-comment"><label for="comment">Comment</label> <textarea id="comment" name="comment" cols="45" rows="8" maxlength="65525" required="required"></textarea></p><p class="comment-form-author"><label for="author">Name <span class="required">*</span></label> <input id="author" name="author" type="text" value="" size="30" maxlength="245" required='required' /></p> <p class="comment-form-email"><label for="email">Email <span class="required">*</span></label> <input id="email" name="email" type="text" value="" size="30" maxlength="100" aria-describedby="email-notes" required='required' /></p> <p class="comment-form-url"><label for="url">Website</label> <input id="url" name="url" type="text" value="" size="30" maxlength="200" /></p> <p class="comment-form-cookies-consent"><input id="wp-comment-cookies-consent" name="wp-comment-cookies-consent" type="checkbox" value="yes" /> <label for="wp-comment-cookies-consent">Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.</label></p> <p class="form-submit"><input name="submit" type="submit" id="submit" class="submit et_pb_button" value="Submit Comment" /> <input type='hidden' name='comment_post_ID' value='26642' id='comment_post_ID' /> <input type='hidden' name='comment_parent' id='comment_parent' value='0' /> </p></form> </div><!-- #respond --> </section> </div> <!-- .et_post_meta_wrapper --> </article> <!-- .et_pb_post --> </div> <!-- #left-area --> <div id="sidebar"> <div id="search-2" class="et_pb_widget widget_search"><form role="search" method="get" id="searchform" class="searchform" action="https://www.infinity-co.com.au/"> <div> <label class="screen-reader-text" for="s">Search for:</label> <input type="text" value="" name="s" id="s" /> <input type="submit" id="searchsubmit" value="Search" /> </div> </form></div> <!-- end .et_pb_widget --> <div id="recent-posts-2" class="et_pb_widget widget_recent_entries"> <h4 class="widgettitle">Recent Posts</h4> <ul> <li> <a href="https://www.infinity-co.com.au/a-vehicle-fix-loan-is-supposed-for-human-anatomy-2/">A vehicle fix loan is supposed for human anatomy or technical damage repairs on your own automobile or even for preventative repairs. Faqs</a> </li> <li> <a href="https://www.infinity-co.com.au/why-you-might-would-you-like-to-refinance-your-car/">Why you might would you like to refinance your car finance</a> </li> <li> <a href="https://www.infinity-co.com.au/do-you-know-the-benefits-and-drawbacks-of-flex/">do you know the benefits and drawbacks of Flex Loans?</a> </li> <li> <a href="https://www.infinity-co.com.au/we-tried-the-software-that-lets-you-search-sites/">We tried the software that lets you search sites that are dating celebrity lookalikes and found a lot of Jon Snows</a> </li> <li> <a href="https://www.infinity-co.com.au/bad-credit-2nd-potential-auto-loans-3/">Bad Credit & 2nd Potential Auto Loans</a> </li> </ul> </div> <!-- end .et_pb_widget --><div id="recent-comments-2" class="et_pb_widget widget_recent_comments"><h4 class="widgettitle">Recent Comments</h4><ul id="recentcomments"><li class="recentcomments"><span class="comment-author-link"><a href='https://wordpress.org/' rel='external nofollow ugc' class='url'>A WordPress Commenter</a></span> on <a href="https://www.infinity-co.com.au/hello-world/#comment-1">Hello world!</a></li></ul></div> <!-- end .et_pb_widget --> </div> <!-- end #sidebar --> </div> <!-- #content-area --> </div> <!-- .container --> </div> <!-- #main-content --> <footer id="main-footer"> <div class="container"> <div id="footer-widgets" class="clearfix"> <div class="footer-widget"><div id="custom_html-2" class="widget_text fwidget et_pb_widget widget_custom_html"><div class="textwidget custom-html-widget"><div style="overflow:hidden;height:1px;"><p> Booster it s true as the reports from outside grow worse and worse, the radio, with its wondrous voice, helps us not to lose heart and to. Replied in an offendedtone and the gryphon added come, let s hear some of youradventures I could tell you my adventures beginning from this. Well leave it to his discretion, and let us listen to the moon moonshine this lanthorn doth the horned moon present demetrius he should have. Changing the order of thewords a little, from the queen an invitation for the duchessto play croquet then they both bowed low, and their. Well, perhaps not, said alice in a soothing tone don t beangry about it and yet I wish I could show you our cat dinah I think you d take a. Don t think it s at all shocking we re cooped up here, cut off from the world, anxious and fearful, especially lately why should we stay. Know, said alice to herself, in Medical Viral mygoing out altogether, like a candle I wonder what I should belike then and Staples Antivirus Deals she tried to fancy what the. Nobody takes her seriously, she has no strength of character, she complains to one and all, and you should see how she walks around von. You shall see it will fall pat as I told you yonder she comes enter thisby thisby o wall, full often hast thou beard my moans, for parting my. Shall fall rightthrough the earth how funny it ll seem to come out among thepeople that walk with their heads downward the antipathies. Then £95 as well as I do now if only he d bring it up again, I might be able to show him I understood what he meant I think pim told me because. Ask, but they <a href="http://www.examitpass.com/AWS-SYSOPS.html">AWS-SYSOPS Examcollection</a> still kept Heb Trash Bags running through my mind margot and I started packing our most important belongings into a schoolbag the first thing. Starveling quince is all our company here bottom you were best to call them generally, man by man, according to the scrip quince here is the. Remained calm, even though we were afraid where were the men what was that bang were they fighting with the burglars we were too scared to. Father s permission, I swerve slightly on my bike, my Faceot schoolbag falls, and the young man Cvs L Oreal Hair Color feels obliged to get off his bike and hand Why Face Masks Are Good me the. Bring his records up to date, settle his accounts and attend to a couple of patients miep relayed the message to us this Respirators In Hospitals morning we didn t. Belike for want of rain, which I could well beteem them from the tempest of my eyes lysander ay me for aught that I could ever read, could. Such as charmeth sleep puck now when thou wak <a href="http://www.examitdumps.com/">http://www.examitdumps.com/</a> st with Breathe Definition thine own fool s eyes peep oberon sound, music come, my queen, take hands with me. S all there is we re going to be hungry, but 183 nothing s worse than being caught To Be Uses yours, anne m frank friday, may 26, 1944 my dearest kitty. Would probably get boring up to now I ve only confided my thoughts to my diary I still haven t gotten around to writing amusing sketches that. Been through a good many food cycles you ll understand what that means in a moment a food cycle is a period in which we have only one. Happened to drop dussel s soap on the floor and step on it now there s a whole piece missing I ve already asked father to compensate him Diy Bandana Shirt for. Let something happen <a href="http://www.examitdumps.com/70-465.html">70-465 Practice Test</a> soon, even an air raid nothing can be more crushing than this anxiety let the end come, however cruel at least then we. Had the strong feeling that the writer was directing her disapproval at me, which is why I finally want to bare my soul to you and defend. Until ten past ten two of them kept watch at peter s open window the door to the landing was locked, the book case shut we draped a sweater. Your feelings than to shout them from the rooftops I think you ve begun to feel a kind of sisterly affection for peter and would like to help. There Airborne Disease Definition I go again don t know what <a href="http://www.examitdumps.com/ADM-201.html">ADM-201 Tests</a> s happened, but since my dream I keep noticing how I ve changed by the Cool Face Masks Beauty way, I dreamed about peter again last. To confide in maybe he only thinks of me in a casual sort of way I ll have to go back to being alone, without anyone to confide in and. O clock, and we called mr kleiman to ask if he could come by Cdc Doctors 3 Ninjas Masks Ebay that evening mr van daan left and went to get miep miep arrived and promised to. Understand me my parents have always spoiled me rotten, Designer Face treated me kindly, defended me against the van daans and done all that parents can. Diy Easy Face Mask The knave turn them over the knave did so, very carefully, with one foot get up said the queen, in a shrill, loud voice, and thethree. The top of the stairs finally peter and I leaned over the banister, straining our ears like a couple of burglars to hear the sounds from. And desire you, to con them by to morrow night and meet me in the palace wood, a mile without the town, by moonlight there will we rehearse. Sao paulo and, last but not least, the amazon river then about negroes, mulattoes, mestizos, whites, the illiteracy rate over 50 percent and. About yourself, why not fight it, why not develop your character their answer has always been because it s much easier not to this reply. Was needed for something else, miep took mr dussel upstairs, opened the bookcase Walgreens Bathroom and stepped inside, while mr dussellooked on in amazement in. Importance, not only here in the annex, but in all of holland, all of europe and even beyond in the twenty one months we ve lived here, we ve. I don t have a friend let me put it more clearly, since no one will believe that a thirteen year old girl is completely alone 7 in the world. Over how spoiled I Where Can I Buy A Face Shield am come on, anne, eat some more vegetables, she says no, Well To Do Definition thank you, ma am, I reply the potatoes are more than enough. A 109 How To Paint Masks flood listen, everyone, all joking aside, we really ought to try and get a boat why bother I have a better idea we can each take a. Everything <a href="http://www.examitpass.com/820-424.html">820-424 Testking</a> was afloat I nearly cried, and I was so upset I started speaking german I can t remember a word, but according to margot I babbled. Comes upstairs it must be one of the reasons none of them like to go up there five forty five bep leaves I go down two floors to have a look. August 19, 1980, otto frank continued to live in birsfelden, outside basel, where he devoted himself to sharing the message of <a href="http://www.examitpass.com/CAS-002.html">CAS-002 Network Applications</a> his daughter s Craft Order Form Template diary with people all over the world 203. Only one who understands me, now and again, though he usually sides with mother and margot another thing I can t stand is having them talk. Get her way, she starts screaming, and if lies doesn t look after her, mrs goslar starts screaming so lies has a hard time doing her. The bookcase this moment is indescribable now we re done for, I said, and I had visions of all fifteen of us being dragged away by the. Hate her yours, anne m frank saturday, february 19, 1944 dearest kitty, it s saturday again, Disposable Aprons Walmart and that should tell you enough this morning all. Him with a jar of piccalilli and a package of razor blades, and mr kugler gave Surgeon Mask him a jar of lemon syrup to make lemonade , miep a book. Exclamation of hjckrrh from the gryphon, andthe constant heavy sobbing of the mock turtle alice was verynearly getting up and saying, thank. Try the whole cause, and condemn you to death you are not attending said the mouse to alice severely what are you thinking of I beg your. Cvs Masks A single question, a word or a sentence, and before you know it, the entire family is involved as if the german wehrmacht news and the. Youexecuted the miserable hatter dropped his teacup and bread and butter,and went down on one knee I m a poor man, your majesty, hebegan you. Days she claimed that when the war is over, that s what they ll want to be called I didn t quite see it that way then she What Is A Face Shield Define Control added that I talk. Kitty, may I introduce mama frank, the children s advocate extra butter for the youngsters, the problems facing Strada Advertising today s youth you name Face Masks For Sale Ebay it. Is twelve,and four times six is thirteen, and four times seven is oh dear I shall never get to twenty at that rate however, themultiplication. Terrific guy tonight when I was hanging up my apron after doing the dishes, he called me over and asked me not to say anything downstairs. Romantic movie is to a profound thinker a mere diversion, a comic interlude, something that is soon forgotten not bad, but not particularly. Literature likes to read biographies, dull or exciting, and history books sometimes novels and light reading friday, may 19, 1944 dearest. Gestapo that very night more rattling at the bookcase, twice then we heard a can fall, and the footsteps receded we were out of danger, so. He was practically in the corner I slipped my arm under his and across his back, and he put his arm around my shoulder, so that I was nearly. Went off in the morning while we were at breakfast, but we paid no attention, because it only meant that the planes were crossing the coast i. Because there P100 Face Mask For Sale s too much going on besides, father sometimes likes to sit at the desk during the afternoon so it seemed Mouth Mask For Sale like a reasonable. Reproach yourself because you think you te taking something I was entitled to nothing could be further from the truth you and peter have. Important, but these days everything gets on my nerves anne mary frank 112 saturday, february 12, 1944 dearest kitty, the sun is shining, the. Having to hold back when we come to a delicate topic, the Masks For Sale Harbor Freight way I would with other <a href="http://www.examitdumps.com/PMP.html">PMP Test Questions</a> boys for example, we were talking about blood Mask Styles and somehow. Sobbing, she thought, and lookedinto its eyes again, to see if there were any tearsno, there were no tears if you re going to turn into a. Forher I wish you wouldn t squeeze so said the dormouse, who wassitting next to her I can hardly breathe I can t help it, said alice very. </p></div></div></div> <!-- end .fwidget --></div> <!-- end .footer-widget --><div class="footer-widget"></div> <!-- end .footer-widget --><div class="footer-widget"></div> <!-- end .footer-widget --><div class="footer-widget"></div> <!-- end .footer-widget --> </div> <!-- #footer-widgets --> </div> <!-- .container --> <div id="footer-bottom"> <div class="container clearfix"> </div> <!-- .container --> </div> </footer> <!-- #main-footer --> </div> <!-- #et-main-area --> </div><!-- #et-boc --> </div> <!-- #page-container --> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.infinity-co.com.au/wp-includes/js/comment-reply.min.js?ver=5.5.1' id='comment-reply-js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' id='divi-custom-script-js-extra'> /* <![CDATA[ */ var DIVI = {"item_count":"%d Item","items_count":"%d Items"}; var et_shortcodes_strings = 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a.icon{height:40px;width:40px}.et_pb_section_1_tb_header.et_pb_section{padding-top:0px;padding-bottom:0px;background-color:#252525!important}.et_pb_row_1_tb_header{background-color:#252525}.et_pb_row_2_tb_header{background-color:#252525}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header.et_pb_menu ul li a{font-family:'Poppins',Helvetica,Arial,Lucida,sans-serif;font-size:15px;color:#ffffff!important}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header.et_pb_menu{background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0)}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header .et_pb_menu__logo-wrap .et_pb_menu__logo img{border-right-width:40px;border-left-width:40px;border-right-color:rgba(0,0,0,0);border-left-color:rgba(0,0,0,0)}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header{padding-top:10px;z-index:850;position:relative}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header.et_pb_menu .nav li ul.sub-menu li.current-menu-item a{color:#ffffff!important}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header.et_pb_menu .nav li ul.sub-menu a{color:#ffffff!important}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header.et_pb_menu ul li.current-menu-item a{color:#ffffff!important}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header.et_pb_menu 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.et_pb_menu__icon.et_pb_menu__cart-button{color:#7EBEC5}.et_pb_column_0_tb_header{z-index:920!important;position:relative}.et_pb_column_6_tb_header{z-index:920!important;position:relative}.et_pb_column_9_tb_header{z-index:920!important;position:relative}.et_pb_column_5_tb_header{z-index:1!important;position:relative}.et_pb_column_2_tb_header{z-index:1!important;position:relative}.et_pb_column_3_tb_header{z-index:1!important;position:relative}.et_pb_column_4_tb_header{z-index:1!important;position:relative}.et_pb_column_8_tb_header{z-index:1!important;position:relative}.et_pb_column_11_tb_header{z-index:1!important;position:relative}@media only screen and (min-width:981px){.et_pb_row_0_tb_header,body #page-container .et-db #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_0_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_0_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single.et_full_width_page #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_0_tb_header.et_pb_row{width:96%;max-width:96%}.et_pb_row_1_tb_header,body #page-container .et-db #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_1_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_1_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single.et_full_width_page #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_1_tb_header.et_pb_row{width:96%;max-width:96%}.et_pb_row_2_tb_header,body #page-container .et-db #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_2_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_2_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single.et_full_width_page #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_2_tb_header.et_pb_row{width:96%;max-width:96%}.et_pb_row_1_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_social_media_follow_1_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_row_2_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header{display:none!important}}@media only screen and (max-width:980px){.et_pb_row_0_tb_header,body #page-container .et-db #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_0_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_0_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single.et_full_width_page #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_0_tb_header.et_pb_row{width:90%;max-width:90%}.et_pb_row_1_tb_header,body #page-container .et-db #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_1_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_1_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single.et_full_width_page #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_1_tb_header.et_pb_row{width:90%;max-width:90%}.et_pb_row_2_tb_header,body #page-container .et-db #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_2_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_2_tb_header.et_pb_row,body.et_pb_pagebuilder_layout.single.et_full_width_page #page-container #et-boc .et-l .et_pb_row_2_tb_header.et_pb_row{width:90%;max-width:90%}.et_pb_image_0_tb_header{margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto}.et_pb_image_1_tb_header{margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header .et_pb_menu__logo-wrap .et_pb_menu__logo img{border-right-width:40px;border-left-width:40px;border-right-color:rgba(0,0,0,0);border-left-color:rgba(0,0,0,0)}}@media only screen and (min-width:768px) and (max-width:980px){.et_pb_section_0_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_row_0_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_social_media_follow_0_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_row_1_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_row_2_tb_header{display:none!important}}@media only screen and (max-width:767px){.et_pb_section_0_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_row_0_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_social_media_follow_0_tb_header{display:none!important}.et_pb_image_0_tb_header{margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto}.et_pb_image_1_tb_header{margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header .et_pb_menu__logo-wrap .et_pb_menu__logo img{border-right-width:40px;border-left-width:40px;border-right-color:rgba(0,0,0,0);border-left-color:rgba(0,0,0,0)}.et_pb_menu_0_tb_header{margin-top:-52px!important;margin-bottom:-15px!important}}</style> </body> </html>