Let me make it clear about States’ Plates

There is more to your Cornhusker State than corn. Obtain an earful and a stomach-ful of steak, pork tenderloin and pizza that is omaha-only.

Corn and much more

Nebraska is probably most commonly known for corn and beef — don’t worry, we now have in both this lineup — however it’s additionally a continuing state filled with chefs planning to provide so much more compared to those two staples. We’ve Alton Brown’s favorite burger into the country. The Reuben sandwich. a fantastic variety of mexican. The Tin Roof Sundae. And yes, probably the most readily useful bone-in, whiskey marinated ribeye you’re likely to locate anywhere.

Chili and a Cinnamon Roll

Just exactly What appears like an epically strange combination is really extremely typical in Nebraska — and, as it happens, additionally interestingly delicious. Many Nebraskans first encounter a plate of chili offered by having a hot cinnamon roll as a college meal. Runza, the Nebraska-based string which also sells bierocks, could be the most readily useful destination to have this wintertime unique — served September through April. a hot plate of the restaurant’s home chili comes offered having a Miller and Paine cinnamon roll. The recipe when it comes to rolls had been salvaged from a long-closed emporium in downtown Lincoln. Runza acquired the recipe, and also the sleep is history.

Macaroni and Cheese

At La Casa Pizzeria, an old-school shop with an incredible neon sign out front though it might not be as well-known as Chicago or New York, Omaha has its own specific style of pizza, and you’ll find it. The crust is rich and type of flaky, a buttery biscuit-like mixture served in a giant rectangle and cut into squares. The most-popular topping combination is a layer of ground beef topped with onions and mushrooms. The tomato sauce is slim and bright, hidden amongst the meat and crust.


Though you will find a few beginning tales when it comes to Reuben, Nebraska legend has it that the iconic sandwich came into existence within a poker game in Omaha’s late Blackstone resort. Reuben Kulakofsky, the sandwich’s namesake, had been likely and playing recommended the combination to your resort owner, Charles Schimmel, whom first made the sandwich, then included it to their menu. Diners can certainly still find juicy beef that is corned melted Emmental cheese and sauerkraut blended with Russian dressing on menus all around the state. Look for a variation with perfect sear and tender corned beef at Omaha’s Crescent Moon Alehouse, appropriate down the street through the hotel that is old.


Nebraska is certainly one associated with country’s largest purveyors of beef, and there’s no shortage of burgers, whether they’re fresh from the griddle at an Interstate 80 roadside plunge or produced from high-end wagyu at A omaha that is top-tier steakhouse. High-end casual meals are the specialty at Block 16, like the Croque Garcon, a popular of Alton Brown’s. The burger that is ⅓-pound topped with cheese, ham, a sunny-side-up egg, mustard and truffle mayo on a ciabatta bun. It is perhaps maybe not the only burger on the Block’s menu: The classic Block Burger, prepared medium rare and topped with all the classic fixings, is certainly not become missed, either.

Stromer Sandwich

The Barrel Bar in Hastings, Nebraska, deserves a unique shout out loud for the uber-creative method to fit just as much ground beef onto a dish possible. Their creation is called the Stromer, and it is been a mainstay in the Barrel provided that anybody can keep in mind . The stromer is a cheese charburger covered in meaty chili, served open-faced with sliced onion for a solitary bun. It really is such as a chili-cheese dog, except with additional hamburger and better. You could get yourself A polish stromer, their type of a chili cheese dog with Polish sausage, during the Barrel Bar, too.

Pork Tenderloin

A real Nebraska initial via a particular band of immigrants —Germans whom emigrated from Russia — the bierock is a meat pocket liked statewide. Usually, the soft, just-sweet bread is full of an assortment of cabbage, onions and ground beef; cheese is normally in there, too. They’ve been made famous under another title, runza, and are also served within the Midwest because of a restaurant string for the exact same title, also during Nebraska Cornhusker soccer games in Lincoln. But look for a locally made variation in McCook, where Sehnert’s Bakery acts their very own variation by having a crustier outside and heartily seasoned beef inside.

Mexican Seafood

Nebraska has a interestingly rich variety of mexican restaurants, including numerous that concentrate on flavorful seafood. All best perked up with a heap of homemade green salsa in O’Neill, La Heradura serves a killer version of sauteed shrimp that comes with a kicky mix of seared tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos alongside beans and rice. Plus in Omaha, El Dorado focuses on towers of seafood size for a audience at a high price this is certainly difficult to beat.

Corned Beef Hash

Whiskey Cocktail

Munch Container

A particular delicacy of fried goodness in a container, a munch basket — or combination basket — is situated in virtually every small-town cafe. The baskets range from all kinds of fried things, but generally speaking, you’ll uncover French fries, onion bands, mozzarella sticks and cauliflower that is fried mushrooms. At Glur’s Tavern, in Columbus, the container includes fried balls of cream cheese studded with spicy jalapenos. And also at Eat Restaurant, a tiny spot in Dodge, the hand-breaded munch basket utilizes seasonal veggies and a light, airy tempura breading, with do-it-yourself aioli for dipping.